Smart socket

With the development of smart home, Wifi smart socket is the first step of Yidong
transition from a traditional electronic manufacturer to smart home manufacturer.
It combines timer, count down and wireless/remote control, which perfectly
shows strong functions of smart home products, and further improves quality
of family life.



As core product of Yidong, it finally achieves outstanding quality through tens
of technical improvement since its establishment. Its series products that
are sold to a dozen countries adopt latest international standard


Remote control socket

We always pay attention to portability of product and let customer enjoy more
convenient products. It is even more so for remote control socket. Yidong always
develops towards intelligent and convenient future home supplies.


Energy meter

Outstanding performance parameter, wide range, accurate
measurement value, easy operation. Provide more clear information interface
to you.


Circuit breaker

Leakage protectors launched by Yidong perfectly fit with modern home by its
exquisite shape and innovation technology. Whether from mould, parts to
assembly of finished product, the refined operation of the entire series ensures
excellent quality of every product and the safety of power distribution system in
your home.


Radiator thermostat

Profound industry accumulation and strict quality control procedure ensure 16
years fine quality. We require every temperature controller reaching first class
measurement accuracy, only bringing comfortable housing experience to you.

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